1.  Turn off & unplug your lamp; remove the shade.


2. Identify the front of your lampshade by identifying the seam on the lampshade. THe back.let’s consider that the back.  Keep that spot in mind.


4.  With care  and Avoiding getting fingerprints on your lampscape. unroll then reverse roll your Lampscape. Reversing the coil will help hold your Lampscape in place.  


5.  Position Lampscape on the INSIDE lower rim of your lampshade with the middle of the Lampscape in line with the front of your shade.


7.  Use the included Command (R) strips to secure your Lampscape to the shade. Secure the first adhesive strip to the shade and the second to the Lampscape, overlapping the two ends.


8.  If necessary, carefully cut the ends your Lampscape to fit your shade.  A little overlap is okay.


9.  Reattach the lampshade, plug in, turn on and enjoy the view.

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